AEC Entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneurs in the tourism and hospitality industry push beyond COVID-19 limitations

David Catherin
Owner, Siloé Café Bistro

“I have learned so much about financial management and tax compliance that I did not know, but needed for my business to survive.” – David

Siloé Café Bistro offers a diverse range of food and drinks accompanied by a lively atmosphere. Owner David Catherin has a passion for cooking and loves watching people enjoy his food, but David’s cafe was hit hard by COVID-19 lockdowns. David found himself needing to regroup when the normally lively cafe had to close its doors.  

David immediately signed up for AEC’s Accelerator Program to help him manage cash flow during lockdown and strategically plan for reopening. 

With training and guidance from AEC, Siloé Cafe Bistro was able to keep seven full-time staff and two part-time workers employed through 2020, allowing the cafe to reopen quickly once restrictions were eased. 

Today, David’s restaurant is once again the go-to place for millennials, offering WIFI and delicious, affordable food. 

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