AEC Entrepreneurs

Digital innovation makes Beathe’s remote learning possible

Beathe Mukasine
Owner, Local Grocery Store

“I appreciated the knowledge gained from AEC training even though we were in total lockdown. The skills I acquired helped me stay resilient despite the pandemic.” – Beathe

After saving $2,000, Beathe Mukasine opened a retail store in 2015 carrying essential goods serving one of the poorest districts of Rwanda. 

In late 2019, Beathe attended in-person business training with AEC, where she learned sales strategies and customer service skills. 

Within weeks of beginning training, COVID-19 and movement restriction protocols prevented AEC from continuing their in-person training right when Beathe would need support most with business and customer needs rapidly changing with the pandemic.

Thanks to AEC’s partnership with Viamo, Beathe was able to continue her training via her basic mobile phone.  The new sessions shifted focus towards inventory and cash-flow management, critical skills needed at this time.

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